CEP tackles GED deadline

The GED is changing to a new format in January 2014, and with the new format comes a new scoring system. As a result, students who have completed only part of the entire test or have not received the minimum cumulative score will see their efforts erased on January 1st. This has posed a particular challenge for those in the Adult Basic Education field, whose students come from a variety of educational backgrounds, as they scramble to help as many students as they can before those students have to start all over.

CEP Native Language Literacy instructor Luz Alvarado Torres has tackled this situation by providing one-on-one tutoring and small group instruction outside of class for students who are close to passing the current GED. Luz has provided this extra support to her students because she knows how important it is to them and their families. So far, two of her students have passed the GED since September and three others are prepared to take the exam before December 15.

Luz is one example of how the Community Education Project rises to the challenge of the changing needs of Latino, migrant and non-migrant, immigrant, and non-traditional adult learners in Massachusetts.

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