ABE-TCC Students Accuplace to Success

Students entering Holyoke Community College have to take a placement test, the Accuplacer, to determine which Math and English classes they may take. The college offers three remedial Math and three remedial English classes before the college level classes, and a fair number of students test into these classes. Remedial classes are non-credit, meaning they will not count toward a degree or GPA, but the student still has to pay for the classes out of their own pocket or through financial aid/student loans. This can be costly for students, discouraging them from continuing and achieving their goals. A 2008 study by the Community College Research Center states: “Less than one quarter of community college students who enrolled in developmental education complete a degree or certificate within eight years of enrollment in college.”

One of the goals of CEP’s ABE-Transitions to College And Careers program is to boost student Accuplacer scores so they can go from our program into or closer to the college-level classes.

The results are in for the Fall cohort (courtesy of Kate Walker):

–The eight students who tested moved up fifteen sections altogether, which saves them money and gets them ready to succeed at HCC or wherever they decide to study.

–Three students moved up two sections at once in a single subject area. Two students moved up a total of three sections at once across both subjects.

–Almost all students moved up in both Math and English, and most are ready to enrolled in one or more college level class.

We are very proud of our students, some of whom started the program in our Summer Bridge class, all of whom reflect the image of a non-traditional student, the face of HCC.

And kudos to ABE-TCC instructor Kate Walker and counselor Mary Martone. The students may do all the testing and take all the credit, but it is their perseverance and dedication to all of the student students that made their success possible.

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