Student’s Letter to Herself

At the beginning of the semester, ABE-Transitions to College and Careers students were asked to write letters to themselves. Instructor Kate Walker collected the letters to return at the end of the semester so students could read and reflect on how much they have changed/grown as a result of the program. One student gave us permission to share her letter:

Dear Amal,

First of all, you should be proud of yourself to be with this program that you were waiting for it after many obstacles that you had to confront on your steps to reach your aim. I give you credit for it and BRAVO as we say in French.

Secondly, as you reach this program, you know that is a little hard to balance your time with all your daily survival days, but I am sure you will be [exceeding] the expectation. Not only for you but for all the peoples that did gave you the chance to change your life and your family as they always been there for you when ever you needed them. So don’t disappoint them and I know you will not. You may struggle but as I know you never give up. And in the end you should know that all the credit will be in your side for your future benefit. And, of course you will gain the knowledge, and get stronger to confront or reach your goals. As you mother always said “the education is your power that nobody will take it from you where ever you go and your keys to open any door you want” God bless her.

I know you are expecting all the help from your teacher to met your [needs] and aims. And be understanding and flexible and I am sure she will be giving you all the help she can as long as you still on communication with her or Mary to guide you and put you in the right way.

When you reach your goal, remember it is at the end, it is just the beginning of another path that did open to you for the best and the best. That should be your aim in this life “be the best of the best” but always in the modest away and never get [arrogant] about your knowledge. Remember learning never end and never stop as long as you go for it. Never be a shame to ask for it. This is the only away to get you [climb] to your goals.

So Amal, good luck to you. You are very strong woman. Be always yourself never change anybody just to be who they want you to be. Believe on yourself as long as you know that is the right thing to do. We all do mistakes but we should learn from them and take them as lesson but never stop us to continue our path. So stay who you are and be the hope and the light for others never ask the credit for anything you give or you do. Give it from your heart and be happy and thankful for anything you have.

Love you
Yourself 🙂

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