“Now It’s My Turn…!”

Thirty odd years ago Sabina Mauldin arrived in the United States from Panama.  She was a young single parent with a sixth grade education, with a baby son on her hip, and a few dollars in her pocket.  She lived with her brother until she found a job and could afford her own apartment.  Working in factories and as a seamstress, Sabina learned enough English on her own to support herself and her son. Sabina also made sure her son graduated from high school and then college.

In 2005 Sabina enrolled in the advanced ESOL class at the Community Education Project (CEP) in Holyoke.  When she told her teacher that her son had recently graduated from college, she added “Now it’s my turn!”  After spending a year in the advanced ESOL class at CEP, Sabina enrolled in the pre-GED class (in English) at the Holyoke Adult Learning Opportunities (HALO) program at Holyoke Public Schools.  Seven years later Sabina took the GED and missed passing the Math section by two points. Six months later she re-tested and passed the new HiSET.  Sabina is currently enrolled in the Bridge to Transition to College and Careers class provided by CEP in partnership with Holyoke Community College (HCC).  Sabina expects to enroll at HCC in September 2015. Sabina’s positive attitude, honesty and persistence are an inspiration to everyone who knows her. We all look forward to attending her future graduation from HCC.

Sabina Mauldin

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2 Responses to “Now It’s My Turn…!”

  1. Danielle says:

    I love this! We LOVE you Sabina!

  2. cepholyoke says:

    Reblogged this on cepholyoke and commented:

    Sabina will receive the “ABE Student of the Year” award from the Massachusetts Coalition of Adult Educators at the MCAE Network Conference on May 15. On May 14, Sabina will complete the Transition to College and Careers program at HCC; she plans on enrolling at HCC in September. Congratulations Sabina!!

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